Fix Scratched Glass Learning Center

What kind of glass can be repaired? - All glass, tempered or not, can be sanded to remove scratches, and polished to full clarity. Here is a list… Continue Reading
Can chipped glass be repaired? - If your glass is actually chipped - meaning a circular-ish hole is knocked out of your glass, then resurfacing is… Continue Reading
Can Acid Etched glass be repaired? - One method of putting graffiti on glass is using acid. A marker filled with acid will be used to write… Continue Reading
Can cracked glass be repaired? - Can cracked glass be repaired? Unfortunately, the answer is "unlikely". I've researched for a solution, and as of yet I've… Continue Reading
Can you repair scratches in heavy equipment glass? - The glass in construction equipment - Dozers, Backhoes, Cranes, Dump Trucks, etc, take a beating. Glass in construction equipment can… Continue Reading
How close to the edge of the window can scratches be removed? - How close to the edge of a window, that a scratch can be removed, depends on several things. For clarity,… Continue Reading
Can scratches from Wiper Blades be removed? - In general, scratches caused by the action of wiper blades can be removed. However, in very severe cases, even if… Continue Reading
Can damage to glass from welding or grinding be removed? - Glass that has been damaged from welding or grinding spatter can usually be resurfaced and repaired. There are of course,… Continue Reading
Restoring RV Windshields to remove pitting and restore clarity. - RV (Recreational Vehicle) windows can sometimes see a lot of miles, and those miles take a toll on the glass.… Continue Reading
Can scratches in the corners of the window be removed? - If you have scratches in the corner of your window, these are likely not able to be removed. If, in… Continue Reading