Deep scratch – Sanding Out and Feathering

This was a pretty deep scratch. This is an outside window, accessible via a landing (many floors up).

This is tempered glass, with no coating on the outside.

There were multiple scratches, and each was circled.

Focusing on this scratch, I started the sanding – and you can see the progression as the scratch disappears.

Also notice, the deeper I sand, the larger the area that is sanded. This process is called feathering, and is necessary to avoid any perception of optical distortion.



This image below is a bit more of a closeup of the initial sanding:


Almost finished with the sanding. Notice how the sanding area around the scratch is getting larger.


And then, the final initial first stage sanding:


With the depth of this scratch, it required a much larger surrounding area to be sanded.

A closeup:


Next, the the pre-polish sanding was completed. After the surface was completely prepped, the polishing stage cleared up the glass to a brand new clarity.