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Glass Savers

Glass Savers

Specializing in scratched glass repair, including scratch graffiti removal, acid etch graffiti removal, fabrication debris, and post-construction damage.

Phone Number: 8888580245
Contact Person: Doug
City: San Diego
State: California
Zip Code: 92105

Save up to 80% compared to replacement cost. On average we can restore scratched glass for 50% of replacement cost. In addition to cost savings,resurfacing can usually be completed much quicker than replacement and with less disruption.

Your scratched glass will be restored, and you won’t be left with distortion or haze. What’s the point of removing a scratch if the glass is left looking like a carnival mirror? We use a propitiatory system and manufacture our own resurfacing discs that are not for sale. If you don’t mind a window cleaner who bought a DIY scratch removal kit online attempting to fix your windows for some extra cash those guys come and go and aren’t usually to hard to find. Glass Savers is however is dedicated to resurfacing glass – it’s all we do. When the job needs to be done right, Glass Savers is your best bet hands down.

Although we’ve never had to use it, and don’t anticipate having to, we are carry $2 million in liability insurance and are happy to add you as an additional insured at no added cost when requested.

We accept, cash, check, credit/debit with easy, secure online payment.

Although we’re Southern California based, we routinely service the San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and are available for large/special projects nationwide.

We have a gallery full of photos and videos from completed projects. Not all repairs are equal, we’ve worked on number of jobs where we were actually fixing the “repairs” done by another restoration company. The windows they worked on looked worse than the initial damage they were attempting to fix. Be sure whoever you consider hiring has plenty of before/after photos (videos are better) and that they are willing to do a demo before you commit to hiring someone for a large project.

Distortion free glass scratch removal is our specialty, but we can remove just about any type of surface damage to just about anything that’s made of glass. Whether its a vandalized storefront window, a construction cleanup gone wrong, even hard water spots & mineral deposits can be cleared up for considerably less than the cost of replacement. Our list of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Glass Graffiti Removal
  • Acid Etched Glass Graffiti
  • Scratched Glass
  • Fabricating Debris resurfacing
  • Post Construction Scratch repair
  • Severe Hard Water Stains
  • Curved Glass repair- Distortion Free!
  • Auto Glass Resurfacing – Distortion Free!
  • High-End Aquarium glass repair

We are able to provide high profile scratch removal services anywhere in the US Including: San Diego | Los Angeles | Orange County |Portland glass restoration | San Francisco glass restoration, San Jose, Oakland, Temecula, Ca| Seattle, Wa | Las Vegas, NV | Salt Lake City, UT | Chicago | Atlanta | Reno | Denver, CO | Miami, Orlando, Tampa, FL | New York | Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, TX | Hawaii | Alaska | Phoenix, AZ | Chicago | Indianapolis | Kansas City | Cincinnati | Charlotte | Pittsburgh | Cleavland | St Louis | Minneapolis | Detroit, Grand Rapids, MI | Boston


Here are examples of numerous jobs we have completed. Included are before, during and after photos and videos of the different types of damage in glass that we’re able to restore.

Fix Scratched Glass > Directory > Glass Savers