Storefront Windows – Tempered Glass
Glass Doors – Architectural Glass
Glass Dividers – Showers – Table TopsĀ 
Vehicle Glass – Classic Vehicle Glass

Don’t Replace: REPAIR, and leave in place!

New Construction – Glass Scratches

Very common for glass to get scratched during construction.

There could be just one piece of glass, or many that need to be resolved before sign-off.

Don’t order new windows.

Don’t pay to have windows removed and new ones installed.

Simply have those scratches removed saving you both time AND money!

We help you complete your punch list.

Cleaning Glass IMPROPERLY Can Cause Scratching

Cleaning glass improperly will lead to scratches very easily.

Construction debris, such as concrete overspray/splash, paint, etc, must be removed skillfully.

Not only that, brand new tempered glass must be cleaned VERY skillfully the first time.

Scratches from improper cleaning? Call us!

Pro Tip: NEVER use a scraper on glass!

Grafitti on your windows?

Remove paint or acid graffiti, and of course graffiti if scratched into the glass.

Classic Vehicle Glass Restoration

Scratches can be removed in Windshields, Side Glass, Back glass.

Glass Resurfacing For Cars, Trucks, Buses, Construction Equipment

If it is glass, and it has a scratch, it can likely be resurfaced, no matter what type of vehicle.

Window Discoloration Or Oxidation

The surface of glass can become discolored and no amount of cleaning will clear it up. Oxidation, or even scaling can occur, which ALSO will not clear up with even the most intense cleaning.

Polishing the glass, and sometimes a more agressive removal of this top surface can bring your glass back to a high luster with crystal clarity.

Glass Showers, Glass Dividers

Glass Shower Doors and Dividers – Completely remove all scaling, deposits, scratches for a clear, high luster sparkly shower.

Glass Table Tops

Huge Glass Tabletops, Glass Overlays to more modest Glass Tabletops – Remove those scratches and make that table SHINE!

No Matter Your Location

No matter your location, contact Fix Scratched Glass. If we can’t help you, we will help find someone who can.